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CONNECT YOUR TEAM with ours. Together we’ll TRANSFORM your ideas into reality!

At CONCORE we serve as the bridge between designers, builders, real estate brokers and investors — seamlessly connecting all the dots, from the origin of a construction project to completion. CONCORE is led by founder and president, Mehrad Eslami, a licensed general building contractor and real estate agent. He’s a no-nonsense, dedicated professional who has provided his energy, industry knowledge and leadership skills for major clients that include Bloomingdale’s, Dell, Kaiser Permanente, Meta Housing Corporation, Stanford University, Target, and University of California San Francisco.


Mehrad is somewhat of an anomaly in the industry. Not only is he an experienced hands-on design-assist/design-build professional, he also plays a critical role as key project advisor to investors and developers, serving as their expert counselor and project team leader. From the moment ideas for a project or a development are conceived, to the final days of completion, Mehrad leads his teams with the highest level of precision and efficiency. He clearly communicates his vision in every endeavor between all parties with his sterling reputation for developing and leading strong, collaborative teams that, as a result, expertly carry out their respective responsibilities.


With Mehrad’s extensive experience you can be assured that he will guide you through your construction journey with CONCORE’s customized service-first approach to completing successful tenant improvement build-outs and efficiently managing large real estate development projects .


We’re particularly sensitive to our clients’ needs when it comes to developments and projects commenced or underway in this challenging era of Covid-19. We skillfully guide our clients with creative and adaptive design, engineering and construction solutions that conform to the variety of requirements mandated in metropolitan San Francisco Bay Area communities.

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