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Const Mgmnt Svcs

Construction Management

CONCORE has expanded the layer of Construction Management in our services roster with a specialty of working with mixed-use and multi-family affordable housing developments.

     As a result, CONCORE is now the key representative and team leader for various development projects in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, acting in the role of liaison between the developers and all of the contributing parties involved. In this capacity, CONCORE manages the entire execution of a development, not only acting as a filter between owners and all other parties involved, but additionally with the following . . .



  • Design Assistance

  • Project Coordination

  • Constructibility Reviews

  • Value Engineering Studies

  • Budgeting & Estimating

  • Site Logistics

  • Planning and Scheduling

  • Bidding & Contracting Procurement

  • Risk Management



  • Cost Control

  • Change Order Control

  • Information Control

  • Schedule Control

  • Quality Control

  • Communication and Reporting

  • Safety

  • Closeout

     Additionally, we address and find working solutions for unforeseen conditions that can arise in a development’s progress, such as: schedule delays, material price increases and budget constraints. At CONCORE we’re looking ahead to lead additional real estate development projects in 2022 . . . and beyond!


• Construction Management
• Pre-Construction
• General Contracting
• Design Assist
• Design Build
• Real Estate Development

At CONCORE we bridge the gap between designers, developers, decision makers, investors, builders, real estate brokers and their clients — smoothly connecting all the dots, from origin to completion. Let us guide you through the journey with our customized design-assist approach to completing successful commercial build-outs and the efficient management of development projects . . . and together, we’ll turn your ideas into reality!

We’re particularly sensitive to the needs of investors, commercial real estate brokers, agents and their clients when it comes to developments and projects in the era of Covid-19 — guiding our clients with adaptive design, engineering and construction solutions that conform to the myriad new requirements now mandated in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Let us partner with your team and Move Forward Together!

General Contracting

General Contracting

Our project managers at CONCORE know the importance of “planning the work and working the plan.” We live, breathe, and sweat to make your project a success. We establish a project culture of “shared ownership” and continuous improvement so that all participants have a stake in a project’s success.

     No matter what happens — bad weather, unforeseen conditions, procurement delays, noise or time restrictions — whatever the challenge — we develop solutions to keep projects on-schedule and on-budget.



Pre-construction is a collaborative effort, creating a road map that enables us to realize your design and fulfill your vision. It's a collective opportunity to analyze all available options and alternatives, refine the master schedule as needed, build partnerships and develop realistic pricing that remains fixed throughout construction.

     This is where CONCORE really shines. Each project has many paths — you just tell us where you want to go, and we’ll figure out the very best way to get you there!

  • Early Design Team/Subcontractor Engagement 

  • Estimating/Budgeting

  • Scheduling/Logistics      

  • Procurement/Buyout

  • Constructibility/Value Engineering

  • Construction Cost Evaluation


Design Assist

With design-assist contracts at CONCORE, we engage our preferred subcontractors during the early stages of project design and collaborate with your architect and engineers to bring concepts into

tangible reality.

     This approach to workflow provides the absolute best value for our clients . . .

  • Early Subcontractor Engagement

  • Architect/Engineer Design Solutions

  • Budget Management

  • Faster Project Completion

  • Enhanced Quality Control

Design Assist

Design Build

A CONCORE design-build contract combines design and construction quality, cost and schedule into a single point of responsibility and contact. Design-build contracts foster partnering between all team members, which in turn adds extra value to a project. This process also helps the design-build team prevent potential adversarial relationships that could arise under traditional, design-bid-build contracts.

  • Architect/Engineer Selection & Management

  • Contractor Selection & Management

  • Scheduling

  • Safety

  • Quality Control

Design Build
Real Estate Dev
  • Due Diligence

  • Property Acquisition

  • Renovation

  • Leasing

Real Estate Development

The year 2021 heralded another exciting component joining CONCORE’s services roster with the formation of our Real Estate Development division, a new client service that focuses on the acquisition, renovation and ultimate leasing of vacant, distressed multi-unit residential/commercial properties exclusively in The San Francisco Bay Area. Our Real Estate Development division’s offerings will be of particular interest to qualified investors looking to benefit from long-term real estate investments providing ongoing returns.

     Prospective properties — value-add commercial or multi-unit residential buildings — are first identified as being viable candidates by the CONCORE team performing appropriate in-depth due diligence. Once a property’s characteristics are confirmed to meet our objectives, a working deal is finalized and the purchase is made. Our CONCORE General Contracting team then goes in to the acquired property to stabilize the site, bring it up to local code as needed, and ultimately transforming it into an operating rental property.

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