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Concore Awarded Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's FLEXILAB Project

Sometimes a commercial contractor has the good fortune of taking on an important and fascinating construction project that may ultimately transform an important aspect of the building industry. A recent construction project awarded to Concore in 2022 fell within this category. Concore restored several Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory FLEXILAB buildings to their baseline interior condition. Concore removed finishes, flooring, and walls, and restored them back to prior standards with new specified ceiling systems.

What is FLEXLAB and Why Is It Important?

The role FLEXLAB is playing in promoting energy efficiency in building systems globally is impressive. Its work goes well beyond what’s being achieved with energy efficient building systems today. FLEXLAB allows for integrated building solutions in order to achieve a goal of 50% effective energy savings. Energy saving is currently 5-25% for specific building technologies. As the Department of Energy states, FLEXLAB is the first platform for testing scientific theories in the world that "can evaluate the energy efficiency of major building systems ... under real-world conditions." FLEXLAB can monitor and assess HVAC, lighting windows, building envelope control systems and more. The potential practical applications of FLEXLAB’s efforts -- greater building efficiency through innovative building practices -- is set to change the construction landscape.

How Did Concore Handle a Very Challenging Construction Environment?

A construction project like the FLEXLAB restoration requires a high degree of organization so that every detail is completed effectively. Concore's ability to establish clear communication with the FLEXLAB team was one key factor in that process. The two-way street of communication between Concore' project manager and FLEXLAB's supervisor ensured all tasks were completed accurately and with great efficiency. A technically sophisticated project like FLEXLAB demands precision and exactitude to meet its goals. Likewise, Concore’ adopted a similar mindset for each construction challenge at FLEXLAB. and followed the building plan to the letter. Concore made sure every construction detail was completed correctly, while ensuring a dust-free and safe environment at all times.

Concore enjoyed the opportunity to take on this project because it required a high degree of precision and a great deal of planning experience. It was also exciting to work on a project that is playing a lead role in creating more energy-efficient building solutions.

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