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A Construction Manager (CM) on Your Next Building Project Needs to Communicate Effectively

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

A construction manager (CM) is a high-level expert on a commercial build and plays a key role in the success of a project. They manage the construction process and communicate with all parties involved so the job run smoothly. One essential task of a CM is to serve as a liaison to ensure a job remains on-time and on-budget.

Keeping things on-schedule means keeping the train moving full speed ahead on a build-out. When there is a potential slow down in construction or complication, the CM is the one to call. The CM can figure out how to coordinate things so that all contractors on a job site can collaborate effectively. Ultimately, a positive work environment in which people are on the same page, saves a developer/owner time, money and resources. It's also important to note that not all contractors offer a distinct construction management service. Concore does. An owner-developer who works with Concore has the opportunity to take advantage of this service.

In the liaison role, the CM keeps all of the important parties informed about what’s going on. They are communicators and problem solvers. When your construction job is running well, it’s not simply by chance, even when contractors and subcontractors are working together at an optimal level. It’s the CM's job, directly and sometimes in stealth mode behind the scenes, to get the job done.

When things are going according to plan, the need for a PM might not seem so obvious. On the other hand, a great project manager is like insurance. A PM will spot problems, coordinate with others, and help get everything back on track.

Every building project requires a “boots-on-the ground” liaison to share, communicate and help resolve issues. Using the CM in this way is often the simplest approach to keeping your construction project headed in the right direction. Learn more.

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