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Make Technology an Essential Part of Your Construction Management Plan

Updated: May 2

Effective communication is essential for successful quality control in a construction management plan, and technology can help in this process. When people working on a construction project are communicating effectively, both listening and engaging appropriately, the implications are pretty clear. Precise communication shared early and often from Precon through construction can save time and money on a project and keep it on track with fewer potential mishaps or delays.

Successful communication ensures that all key players are aware of the standards and requirements of a project. It also ensures that everyone is aware of any changes or issues that may arise. Technology can facilitate a quality control plan.

For example, Building Information Modeling (BIM) can be used to create a virtual model of the project to identify potential issues and optimize the design. This type of 3D-modelings opens new possibilities for communication during Precon and throughout the entire building process. It can be easily shared among key decision makers so everyone on the building team is aligned and shares the same vision and goals. There is less room for ambiguity or uncertainty when accurate modeling is used.

Acting as a liaison, the construction manager welcomes software tools that can help explain or elaborate on a process to facilitate efficient communication; they can then keep the developer informed, engaged, and confident that things are on course for successful completion.

When efficiency and clarity win out due to a software tool like BIM, a construction team can be in sync more readily. This will ultimately improve collaboration and improve the bottom line.

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