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Key Reflections on Affordable Housing: Concore's Upcoming CM Work for Meta Housing

Mayor Laura Hoffmeister at the Groundbreaking Ceremony for Concord's New Affordable Housing Project, the Blue Oak Apartments

Recently, Concore Development Group was awarded the construction management (CM) job for Meta Housing’s new 181-unit affordable housing project in Concord, CA. The project broke ground this past February at the old Blockbuster Video location on 2400 Willow Pass Road.

Concore’s president Mehrad Eslami has been very excited about the upcoming CM work and the entire construction project, and agreed with Mayor Hoffmeister’s reflection that the new Blue Oak Apartments will add great value to the community. "It's going to be a special project for sure and serve a critical need for affordable housing here in the Bay Area," said Eslami.

Meta's Blue Oak Apartments has a two-year timeline for completion. Over this time fame, with Concore as the CM, it will be Eslami's job is to ensure that the build-out stays on time and on schedule. "We will communicate all of the dynamics of the construction project to the city as the project unfolds. With so many people involved, we will be the critical liaison for making sure things start out successfully and remain so throughout the entire project."

The applications for renters won’t be accepted until the project moves closer toward its completion date in 2024," said the mayor. "We are very excited about the project, and the public will be happy to see a project starting on property that has been vacant for several years."

"The entitlements were already approved," she continued, "which expedited the time line for breaking ground. And so far they [Meta Housing] have been a great partner to work with."

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