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Concore Can Build Almost Anything, But It Starts with Putting People First

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that building a structure starts with building a relationship between two or more people first: a relationship between an owner and contractor; between an architect and a contractor; among a team that includes several engineers, a developer, an architect and a builder.

One of Concore’s goals is to build enduring relationships and earn the trust and confidence of those we work with. Commercial constructing is a multifaceted process with lots of moving pieces, and many key players, and it all starts with knowing the goals and expectations of your cohorts and building cohesion with them.

It's really true that any successful building project involves realizing that commercial construction is a people-come-first type of business. How this translates for Concore is we build buildings for our clients with their vision in mind and with the utmost care and attention to detail. If a change or modification to a building is necessary, then great, let’s make it happen.

Concore’s management systems are set up to ensure that high-quality production standards are always met. And client relationships are first step in this process of making certain that all phases of construction are understood and agreed upon on by all the people involved. Concore collaborates. And listens. And we respond with the best solutions based on the input we've received. We then plan and execute your new build or tenant improvement the way you as a owner-developer want it to be built. It's a relationship-first approach and we couldn't do it any other way.

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